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Now Live on Pluralsight!

Threat actors are constantly changing their tactics and evolving their tools. This course will teach you how to create custom detections to identify and prevent emerging threats in your organization.

Creating Malware Detections on Pluralsight
The Cyber Yeti YouTube Channel


The Cyber Yeti YouTube channel has hundreds of video to help you start learning malware analysis, reverse engineering and ethical hacking!


Creating educational content is my passion! You can find my content in a variety of places!

Resources to learn malware analysis and reverse engineering. Tools to help with analysis!

Full, interactive courses - one easy subscription.

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The Cyber Yeti - Josh Stroschein

Who is the Cyber Yeti?!

Josh Stroschein is a reverse engineer with the FLARE team at Google. He's an author on Pluralsight as well as several utilities on Github. He also publishes content regularly on his YouTube channel.


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